Maybe all over glass wasn't such a good idea after all.

Warranty provider SquareTrade looked at 20,000 iPhone 4s for a study into iPhone accidents and compared them to the previous generation, iPhone 3GS.

After 4 months of analysis, its report states:

"We looked at the accident claim rate for over 20,000 SquareTrade iPhone 4 warranty owners and compared this to the iPhone 3gs claim rate".

"Our data shows that iPhone 4 owners are reporting accidents 68 per cent more frequently than iPhone 3GS owners. 4.7 per cent of iPhone 4 owners reported an accident to SquareTrade in the first four months of ownership, almost 70 per cent higher than iPhone 3GS owners, 2.8 per cent of whom had an accident over the same time period".

"Of these iPhone 4 accidents, the vast majority involved a damaged screen. When we evaluated damaged screen reports, we found the iPhone 4 had 82 per cent more broken screens than the iPhone 3GS reported in the first four months".

The poor little iPhone 4 hasn't had a good run of it. Well, it has shifted over 3 million units, but you know what we mean.

First there was the antennagate scandal, then the lack of a white model (despite promises of a July launch, we've yet to see it in the shops) and now this.

Jobs must be sobbing into his piles of cash.

His only consolation must be that these figures may indeed be skewed. After all, the iPhone 4 has two glass panels - front and back and the report states that "at least a quarter of the broken glass claims involved the back screen".

Take a closer look at the numbers yourself if you're more interested. A full PDF is available via SquareTrade.

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