Got an iPad dock that you love and cherish as if it were a sibling, but you've upgraded to an incompatible (in size) iPad? Or can you not be bothered to wander over to the other side of the room to put your iPhone in the speaker system? Airphonic has the answer for you.

Comprising of two separate components, the Airphonic Wirefree Hi-Fi Kit S5T+ transmitter plugs into your device, be it iPod, iPad or iPhone, while the RX1 receiver plugs into a separate (non-included) docking solution. It then, using pixie magic (or Kleer full bandwidth wireless technology, as it's otherwise known), sends and receives CD quality audio - a marked step up from normal Bluetooth systems.

Users will also have remote volume and track control at anywhere up to ten metres line of sight.

Also, if you buy more than one RX1 or RX1+ receiver, you can send to up to four docks and speaker systems at the same time, from the same device.

There are three versions of the kit available; Standard Edition - which works with iPod and iPad on older docks; Plus - which works with iPod, iPad, and adds iPhone and a number of new docks into the mix; and Universal - compatible with all Apple devices, docks and home hi-fi systems.

They cost £79.95, £89.95 and £99.95 respectively, and are available WireFreeHifi online (