Designer Yaser Alhamyari has created an Apple docking / storage solution that is 50 per cent brilliant, 50 per cent insane. Suitable for the most fervent of fanbois, it is a tray that sits under an iMac, and has charge points for up to three Apple devices; iPad, iPhone or iPod

Additionally, it will sync and display each device with the attached computer, and potentially comes in the same, Apple-centric finish so that it all matches nicely.

There are also front-mounted USB ports, and trays inside the unit to store pens, erasers and the like. All good, so far.

However, there's one problem, it doesn't actually exist yet. Sadly, Alhamyari's design is only in concept stage, and there's currently no manufacturer with plans to make it a reality.

Certainly, though, we at Pocket-lint can see a market for it, especially for the sort of Apple fans who were willing to queue for 24 hours outside the Covent Garden store for its grand opening, with but a T-shirt awaiting them.

You know who you are...

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