3 years down the line and you should be over the fact that the Apple iPhone doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard, but where there's a will there's a way as the saying goes.

That's the thinking behind Altamash Jiwani's concept design for the iPhone that would allow users to place a hardware keyboard on the iPhone to make typing that little bit easier, very much like Sony Ericsson tried with the P900 all those years ago.

According to Jiwani the concept would be "a QWERTY keyboard that slides over the iPhone, guarding its edges and syncing in as well! The slick body docks in the phone and auto disables the virtual keyboard".

Connection would be via an external jack that hooks into place at the bottom of the keys for charging the phone. 

While the design is unlikely to make it into the real world, because of the need to be an accessory that is officially supported by Apple, we can't help thinking that Jiwani is missing a trick here.

Why not simply allow the keyboard to overlay the virtual keys and slide out of place when not in use.

To combat the fact that the keys wouldn't work on the capacitive screen we would recommend placing a thin layer of bacon between the keyboard and the iPhone so it can replicate your skin, just like those sausages did in Korea.

It's a mad idea, but it might just work.

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