If you thought it was just your average iPhone user who jailbreaks their Apple phone, then think again. Turns out celebs like to do it as well.

Justin Long, yes he of the "I'm a Mac" Apple adverts and Die Hard 4 fame, has been caught red handed with a jailbroken iPhone on American TV.

Long, keen to show how "down with the kids" he is with his text speak, showed off a string of texts between himself and a random stranger on Jimmy Kimmel Live (an American chat show).

The interview goes swimmingly, if not a little overly back slappingly as the two congratulate each other on how funny they are, until the last few seconds when all is revealed. Pay attention or you'll miss it.

Long pulls out of the text stream he was reading, back to the home screen, to reveal that he, or someone who has access to his phone, has installed Cydia, the unofficial App store on the phone.

Apple blogs have been quick to defeat Long, claiming that "the jailbreak was [probably] done at the behest of Jimmy Kimmel Live producers so that they could get TV out from the phone and put it up on the big display". Rather than Long playing on the dark side of iOS 4, but maybe Long just likes to play it on the riskier side. A bit like his hacker character in Die Hard 4?

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