Want to know where your iPhone carrying significant other, or teenage progeny, has been, or what text messages they've been receiving, well, the iPhone Spy Stick will certainly help. It can recover all manner of lost or deleted data, and present it on a computer for all to see.

Text messages, calender appointments, contacts and pictures can be retrieved, as can GPS coordinates, so you can see exactly where your target, er, sorry, loved one has been. And voice memos can even be brought back to life by the stick's software.

Of course, this will also be handy for iPhone users who believe that they've lost all of their precious data, and need to get it back. But, where's the fun in that?

The iPhone Spy Stick, which works by attaching it to a PC (only Windows, but is Windows 7 compatible) at the same time as the handset in question, is only currently compatible with iOS 3.2.1 or earlier, but an iPhone 4 version is on its way, due for release in October.

Available from US online store Brick House Security, it's not exactly cheap, at $199.95 (and that's on special offer), but surely it'll pay for itself when you get half of your cheating spouse's estate.