We've already seen the rumours that FaceTime is likely to come to the new Apple iPod touch 4G, expected to launch later this year, and now more evidence of that scenario has turned up in the latest iOS 4 beta.

Turns out that in iOS 4.1 Beta 3, Apple has added the ability to instigate a FaceTime call by email rather than just a phone number.

According to macrumors.com who've found the feature after playing with the new version of the developer build:

"A new option in the iOS "Contacts" application allows users to make FaceTime calls using either a phone number or an email address".

The news means that Apple iPhone 4 owners would theoretically be able to talk to other people with a device that runs the iOS 4 operating system and just happens to have a camera - something perhaps like an iPod touch 4G with camera, a future iPad with camera, an Apple TV with camera, your Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro laptop, or any computer for that matter.

Apple is expected to announce new iPods in September, something it has done now for the last 5 years. 

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