Apple is poised to open its second flagship store in London, in the heart of Covent Garden.

The new store is massive, as these pics prove, and it takes up an entire site formerly occupied by several restaurants, including the Rock Garden.

It opens for the first time on Saturday 7 August at 10am, but usual hours are 9am - 9pm Monday to Saturday, noon - 6pm Sunday.

It also strikes Pocket-lint that it'll be a much more interesting Apple Store to queue outside overnight for the iPad 2 or iPhone 5. For starters, it's recessed under an actual roof - good for rainy launches - and you'll get to stare at a man pretending to be a statue and not move all day, much like the queue. A kindred spirit.

We'll also be visiting the interior of the Store tomorrow, so join us for pics and our thoughts from inside.