An iPhone 3G/3GS-specific Powermat has, exclusively, hit Carphone Warehouses up and down the UK today (3 August).

Unlike many of its stable-mates, the Powermat 1x will dock with only one (iPhone) sleeve, but is small, discrete and features the same wireless battery charging functionality as its bigger brethren.

You plug it in, put your iPhone in the supplied sleeve (which also doubles as a hard case) and drop it on the mat: bingo! It's charge-a-go-go.

While it's no replacement for a speaker dock - obviously - Pocket-lint can certainly see it resting on an office desk, or by the bed; essentially, where there's no space for anything else. The charging pad on the back of the sleeve is fairly inconspicuous too, so won't get in the way if you decide to use it as a permanent case.

It won't work on an iPhone 4 - we know, we've tried - but we wouldn't be surprised if there was a new version for that specific handset on the horizon.

The Powermat 1x costs £39.99 and, as previously stated, is available in Carphone Warehouse now.