Well, that didn't take long did it?

Just hours after a major jailbreak release went live from developers Comex, an app has gone live that allows crafty (but not criminal) iPhone 4 users to make Face Time calls over their 3G networks - a luxury not afforded to them by Apple.

The My3G app is available as a direct download from a website at present, but there are reports that it will hit the unofficial jailbroken App Store, Cydia, in the next few days. The app costs $3.99.

My3G is an app that lets you make use of your 3G connection, not only for Face Time calls, but any other apps that have a Wi-Fi restriction on them as well, such as TV channel streaming. It's not a new idea, but it's been revamped for iOS 4 and the iPhone 4.

The strange thing about this story is that it shouldn't be news at all really. Back in 2003, when the 3G network was rolled out to the public in the UK via Three Mobile, nobody was interested in making video calls even though it was available via the 3G network.

But it seems that once Apple puts its stamp on it, with a catchy name and a few cheesy ads to promote it, the world can't get enough.

It's just video calling people. It's a technology that we blew-off in the past.

In other iPhone jailbreak news, BGR is also reporting that if you jailbreak your iPhone 4 then you could be opening up your device to malicious attacks from cyber nasties via the PDF functionality. It is reporting that there is a workaround to prevent the attacks but, at present, no patch to make this automatic.

Update: The PDF vulnerability is apparently one for all iOS 4 users, regardless of whether their handset is jailbroken or not. If this is the case, we'll be interested to see what Apple has to say about the jailbreakme method.

Are you a jailbreaker or just a fanboy happy with what Apple has provided out of the box? Let us know.