(Pocket-lint) - How do you solve a modern day Sherlock Holmes mystery? Use MePhone.org.uk of course.

In the new BBC 1 drama Sherlock, the hero of the hour tracks down a serial killer using a smartphone service called MePhone.

Rather than give the Apple iPhone and its Mobile Me service extra coverage on prime time Sunday night television, the writers of the drama decided the best way to help track down the killer was to track them via an "alternative" app not from Apple, but a virtually identical service.

Branded as "The ultimate mobile service website that enables you to track your mobile and access data from your PC" MePhone.org.uk, which incidentally in the real world just goes to a 123 reg page, in the drama allows Holmes to track down the phone via a GPS tracking signal, read the victims emails, and thankfully lead him to the man he is looking for.

Technology features heavily in the new drama, with Holmes even using a weather app to deduct that one of the victims is from Cardiff.

Even Holmes, it seems, needs a smartphone to solve today's crimes.

What do you think? Should the Beeb just have used MobileMe? Should the MePhone.org.uk site work in the real world? Let us know in the comments below.

Writing by Stuart Miles.