You might have missed the highly anticipated, swiftly called Apple Antennagate press conference on 16 June but, when it comes down to it, it's all a numbers game and Steve Jobs knows it. He knows it because he's very good with them

The Apple boss, very sensibly, backs up his findings with hard digits and presents them to the crowd, so that we all know he's making sense - so that it all adds up. We sat down and stripped out the talk and the superlatives of what may or may not be the best phone Apple has made and bring you just the facts. So, here is the Apple Antennagate press conference by numbers.

4 - The house number on Infinite Loop where the Antennagate press event was held - Apple’s own HQ conference theatre

15 - The number of minutes we were told it would last for - minus the Q&A session

34.03 - The number of minutes it actually lasted for - minus the Q&A session

3,000,000 - The number of iPhone 4 handsets sold worldwide

3,000,000 - A figure larger than the number of bumpers Apple has made

0.55 - The percentage of users who reported signal loss to AppleCare

16,500 - By calculation, the number of actual people and their phones that amounts to

1.7 - The per cent of return rate for the iPhone 4 after sale so far

51,000 - The number of people and their ex-phones that amounts to

6 - The same statistic as a percentage for the iPhone 3GS over the same time period in its life cycle

17 - The number of anechoic test chambers Apple used to work on the antenna of the iPhone 4

100,000,000 - the number of dollars Apple invested in that set up

18 - the number of PhD owning scientists and engineers Jobs has had working to resolve the reception issue

22 - the number of days that team has been slaving away to finally come up with the free bumper solution

91.46 - a Pocket-lint estimation of the gallons of coffee the team went through

1 - a larger figure than the number of iPhone 4 calls dropped per 100 ever made - according to Apple

25 - the cost of a bumper in pounds sterling

0 - what you’ll have to pay for one if you already own an iPhone 4

30 - the day in September 2010 before which you have to have bought your iPhone 4 to claim a free bumper

300 - the number of Apple Stores worldwide that you can go into and get your free cover

60,000,000 - the number of punters Apple has had through those stores in the last quarter of business

30 - the number of days you have since purchase to return your iPhone 4 and get a full refund instead if you prefer

0 - the number of minutes Apple spent discussing that policy with the UK’s largest iPhone provider, O2

80 - the percentage of iPhone 3GS customers who left the store with a case which would improve reception quality at the same time as buying their handset

20 - the percentage of those who bought a case to go with their iPhone 4

4 - the number of other mobile manufactures Steve Jobs decided to drag down into the mire to deflect attention from the iPhone 4’s problems

4 - the number of other mobile manufacturers who were not very happy about this

0.016 - the percentage of HTC Eris users who HTC has confirmed complained about reception issues with its handset - one which Apple pulled up in comparison at the conference

1 - the number of swear words used by Steve Jobs at the Antennagate briefing

Total score = 166,000,068,204.756