If you liked the idea of the iPhone 4 SLR botch-job we brought to you a couple of weeks back, but thought it looked a bit, err, rubbish, then you'll love the iPhone DSLR prototype that Jeremy Salvador has knocked up.

Using the Owle Bubo iPhone mount, he has managed to mod the lens fitting to a Canon EF lens adaptor.

The result - a hybrid iPhone/DSLR camera that is capable of using 35mm Canon SLR lenses and has enraged DSLR enthusiasts although Salvador has admitted that his prototype is not, technically, a DSLR. He said:

"It has no internal mirror system to control light hitting the iPhone’s camera. Additionally, the image is still going through the iPhone’s mediocre lens, not directly to the sensor. So a more accurate title for this project would have been 'iPhone DSLR Lens Mount Prototype' or 'iPhone Canon EF Lens Mount'"

DSLR or not, we think it's a clever little idea. Check out the video below that was shot using an iPhone 4 mounted on an OWLE Bubo with an EnCinema 35mm adapter and using a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens: