You've got to love an Apple presser. Not only are you normally left with plenty of questions, but also a couple of rumours as well.

The latest one hangs on the words of Steve Jobs, or lack of words actually, and what happens after the 30 September.

In the press conference Steve Jobs detailed how the company would be giving away a free bumper to everyone that has bought or buys an iPhone 4, up until 30 September, however his last words on the subject and a follow up Q & A question has got excited journalists thinking thoughts they probably shouldn't.

In the conference Jobs said in reference to the free bumpers: "We will re-examine this in September and decide whether to keep going, or maybe we will have a better idea".

Combine that with a question from Bloomberg (yes the same reporter that supposedly reported Jobs as knowing about the antenna issues from the start) as to "Why Sept. 30 for case limit?" and Jobs simply reaffirms the "We just are going to wait and see, maybe we'll have a better idea".

Now kick the rumour mill into action and now we get to speculate what that "better idea" is. Could it be a new iPhone in 6 months, just in time for Christmas? Is it just another software update? Will it be a better bumper to make you want to upgrade from your free one? Only Mr Jobs knows it seems, for the time being.

What say you, possible, plausible, or just everyone hoping that might be the case? Let us know in the comments.