Well, it looks as if Paul the Octopus was correct during our guess of what Apple would announce at the iPhone 4 press conference. Apple's big fix - free bumpers for all.

Apple has confirmed that the only true way to stop the "death grip" issue is to give all 3 million iPhone 4 users a free bumper, buckling under media pressure to do so. 

The bumpers, which were £25 before, will be available to anyone who buys an iPhone up until 30 September. If you've already bought a bumper then don't fret, you'll get a refund.

free bumpers for all apple s magic iphone 4 solution image 2

Apple boss Steve Jobs has also stated that if you're still not happy with your iPhone 4 then you can return it within 30 days and get your money back. Be careful if you're a UK customer though, as the 30-day return period is a little shady over here. Check with your provider.

Jobs also stated that Apple can't physically make all of the bumpers for all of the iPhone 4s that are available - so it will also be offering third party cases. You'll get a choice when you apply on the Apple website.

free bumpers for all apple s magic iphone 4 solution image 3

So free bumpers it is then. We thought so, but we can't help but feel a little bit disappointed. It's more like a temporary fix rather than a solution. And there's a lot of people saying that bumpers make docking stations and third party accessories unconnectable.

How do you feel about the announcement? Satisfied or even more angry and upset than you were before. Give us a shout below...