AppleCare, the customer services department of Apple, has only received complaints about the iPhone 4 antenna from a fraction of customers who have bought the phone.

Only 0.55 per cent of users, out of the 3 million sold, (16,500 of them, in fact) have actually called to complain. Now, we could say that they were the only ones with enough signal to do so, but that would be childish and wrong, and not in-keeping with the fine journalistic tradition we've established on Pocket-lint.

Steve Jobs made this claim during his hastily arranged press conference in an attempt to calm down the media panic that has seen Apple shares plummet.

He also states that, on AT&T, "3GS return rates during this period last year were 6 per cent, which was below the industry average. For iPhone 4, it's 1.7 per cent." It ties in with our findings when we talked to UK carriers and retailers.

Clearly, there may be a problem, but the average customer is not bothered.