The beta version of the SDK for iOS 4.1 has hit the iPhone developers centre, signalling that a public release is almost upon us.

The beta contains firmware for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as second generation iPod touches.

Obviously, the main talking point of the firmware update is whether or not it addresses the death grip issue. It's thought that the update does include the new algorithm for working out the displayed signal bars - but it isn't until we see a stable release that we'll know for sure whether it is successful.

Although the video below from Mobile Crunch suggests that it isn't. Oh dear.

The improved display for the amount of bars you've got has been implemented though, as you can see from the pic below:

iphone ios 4 1 beta available for developers  image 3

Reports also indicate that iOS 4.1 contains support for AVRCP Bluetooth controls, meaning that you should be able to control your iPhone's iPod app using other Bluetooth devices. This means that, as well as controlling volume, that was a feature of iOS 4, you'll also now be able to skip tracks and play and pause. Handy if you've got Bluetooth in your car.

An option to turn off FaceTime has also been added to the settings menu as well as an option to turn off multi player games. Both of these measures are presumably aimed at parents who want to restrict what their kids can do with their handsets.

iphone ios 4 1 beta available for developers  image 2

Apple has also called a press conference for 16 July, where it is expected that they'll be discussing the iPhone 4 and the problems that have dogged it since its release last month.

Stay tuned to Pocket-lint to see what we think may be on the agenda for the presser.