It's the battle of the mobile operating system heavyweights, and to add to its victory in our very own pitting of the two giants, Android 2.2 has again trumped iOS 4 in a head-to-head battle.

Ars Technica matched the two operating systems against each other in terms of JavaScript execution and Froyo came out on top when tested on SunSpider and also on V8:

froyo s kicking some ios 4 butt image 3

The results show that Froyo is delivering a JavaScript execution within its Dalvik environment that is almost three times that of iOS 4's mobile Safari on V8, and almost double within SunSpider.

Are you an Apple believer with faith in iOS, or have you made the switch over to the holy book of the almighty G and now follow the gospel of Android? Let us know which system you believe will win out in the end using the comments below.