Someone has fooled the chaps at Boy Genius Report and dozens of other sites over a story, which reported that Steve Jobs emailed a customer telling him he shouldn't get too excited about the iPhone 4 as "it is just a phone."

According to Fortune magazine in the US, "a top Apple spokesman emphatically denied it", when asked if the big man had fired off the emails to a disgruntled customer.

Steve Jobs as been known in the past to reply to developers and customers, but as it's easy to fake the source of an email, it's possibly a good idea to treat reports such as this with a pinch of salt.

In another twist to the story, it seems that the people that sent the email chain to BGR were actually fishing around the week before, hoping to get some cash for the correspondence. AppleInsider is reporting that they were approached by a Virginia man who offered to sell similar emails to them for an unspecified amount of money.

For the record Pocket-lint chose not to cover the original claimed "exclusive" on Thursday.