You know you can't get enough of the old app of the day action, so if you're feeling a bit jittery a clammy eager to get your app fix then this should do the trick.

What we have here is something that no one should be without, not just because it'll help make you more clever-er than you are at the moment, but because the pub know it all won't know what hit them when you start bandying around words like "hydrogen" and "potassium". Let's hear it for "The Elements" app for the iPad.


Yes, you have read that right, this little beauty will set you back nearly 8 quid and so can be firmly placed in the premium app category but you will get a treat.

app of the day the elements ipad  image 2

All the elements are animated, with plenty of info about each one - tapping on a particular element will bring up more detail and a tap of the Wolfram Alpha icon will give you up to the minute prices on each along with more data.

app of the day the elements ipad  image 3

So download now from iTunes and with its 3D functionality and great user experience we think it'll really help to bring a bit of chemistry to life.