The problem with smartphones, especially smartphones like the iPhone that costs a few hundred quid even for the old 3GS model, is that you're always scared that you're going to break it.

You wince every time it slips from your grasp and that second before it hits the ground seems to occur in slow motion as you wait for the inevitable smashing of your handset.

If only there was a way to toughen up your iPhone. We don't mean toughen up like Mr. Miyagi toughened up Daniel-son in Karate Kid, we mean toughen up in that you could drop it and not have a minor coronary.

Well there is, with an accessory called the Magellan ToughCase. And the ToughCase isn't just your average clip on iPhone case, it is a fully functional GPS device of its own.

The GPS on board is more accurate than the iPhone's GPS - it has a high sensitivity SiRF star III GPS chipset that is accurate to within 3 metres.

The ToughCase is IPX-7 certified waterproof - it can be submerged in a metre of water for up to half an hour - and its rugged protective casing will protect your iPhone from all number of bumps and scrapes whilst still leaving the iPhone 100 per cent accessible. There's also a 1840mAh battery on board that will double the life of your iPhone.

“The ToughCase is the ideal solution for all outdoor users. From kayakers to golfers, mountain bikers to construction workers, it provides a level of protection and performance previously unavailable in other cases”, said Justin Doucette, director of product marketing for Magellan GPS.

“The ToughCase protects against harmful elements such as dust, rain, mud, water and snow”.

The case isn't cheap, it comes in at a cent shy of $200, but think of it as an insurance policy for your iPhone. It also works with the iPod touch, and we're doing our darnedest to find out if there'll be an iPhone 4 version coming any time soon.

If you want one, they're coming soon and you can pick one up directly from Magellan or from the Apple Store.