You may question the question mark in our headline. You may ask yourself why it is there. Well, we'll tell you. It's because, although these leaked screenshots of Apple's own iWork in action on the iPhone look real, some skeptics have branded 9 to 5 Mac's efforts as fake.

And we don't want our beloved readers getting all over excited (can you get over excited about a productivity suite?) only for them to turn out to be phony.

However, they look pretty genuine to us, and the general consensus on the web is that they are the real deal.

So sit back, relax and enjoy some glorious screenshots of, err, some word processing. Oh, and there are some graphs too....

iphone iwork screenshots leaked  image 2
iphone iwork screenshots leaked  image 3

The setup for Pages looks pretty similar to what we're used to from the iPad version. The same wooden styled toolbars and comparable navigation and menu options.

However, there is one screenshot that points at wireless syncing over the air across your Apple devices, which would be a welcome inclusion.

You may think that typing word documents on the iPhone would be a bit cumbersome, but don't forget that with iOS 4 you can hook up your Bluetooth keyboard and we also showed you this video that demonstrates that an iPhone will work with the iPad docking keyboard as well.

There's no official word from Apple yet regarding the availability of Pages on the iPhone, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.