Despite Apple issuing a statement advising iPhone 4 users not to hold their iPhone 4s by the "lower left corner" there are now reports that the "death grip" problem may, in fact, be software related and that a quick fix could be on its way as soon as today.

AppleInsider is saying that iOS 4.01 will be available via iTunes and that the update will specifically deal with a problem with the iOS 4's radio frequency calibration of the baseband. The report suggests that the problem may not lie with the device itself, but instead be caused by a lag in calibration when switching frequencies.

The report also says that some iPhone 3GS users may also be experiencing the dropped signal problem and that the fix could address this issue as well.

It seems a bit strange to us that Apple would release an official statement advising users to hold their iPhone 4s differently if the problem was entirely software related though. Surely the Cupertino giant wouldn't have wanted to admit to any problem without first being 100 per cent sure that it wasn't completely fixable by a software update.

We've checked on iTunes for an update and there's nothing showing up yet. However, we'll keep checking throughout the day, furiously clicking the update button as if we were running the 100m on Track & Field, and let you know if anything appears.