It's tough being an iPhone 3GS owner at the moment. We mean, this time last week you had (probably) the single best handset on the market. And now, what are you left with? A second rate device that isn't going to impress anyone.

That is, unless you jazz it up a bit, give it a new spin with some different accessories. And why not kick off the revamp with this portable speaker - the QDOS SoundFrame?

Compatible with your iPhone Touch as well (the makers are working on an iPhone 4 cradle) the SoundFrame consists of two 2.1-watt speakers that its makers claim will offer "crisp, high fidelity stereo sound".

It's designed to be a travel companion, so think festivals and hotel rooms and it can turn on its side so as you can watch your iPhone's videos on it as well.

It can also be used as a docking station when you're at home as it supports iTunes syncing through the supplied USB cable and it works as a handsfree speaker phone if you receive a call.

In the box you'll get a mini-USB - USB cable and mains power connector with four changeable adapters, an infra-red remote control, four docking cradles and a zip-up carry case. 

The official price is £79.99 and it's out now.

Be proud of your 3GS, not ashamed. At least you're allowed to hold it normally.