If you're a fully fledged member of the Apple device community you'll appreciate the constant need to always be carrying around one of the white USB charge cables with you. And whilst you get a new one of these with each new Apple mobile device you buy, they're not exactly portable.

Scosche has come up with a solution, the flipSYNC USB charger which folds down and will fit on your keyring without any problems - it's less than 5cm long when all folded up, although you get 12cm worth of cable when untucked.

The 30-pin iPhone / iPod / iPad connector fits into one side of the flipSYNC and on the other side is a USB connection. The USB is the thinner variety without the square metal casing - these fit any regular USB socket though.

As well as the Apple compatible flipSYNC there is also a version that swaps the 30-pin connection for a micro and also a mini USB adaptor.

It's not the most complex design in the world, but sometimes the simple designs are the most effective. And power hungry devices mean that the flipSYNC is a very handy little piece of kit.

Get one, for £15.99 from here.