"Hang on," we hear you say, "an iPhone story on launch day NOT about the iPhone 4?" And you'd be right, because this tasty case is not compatible with the new handset. You're probably not one of the 16,000 people in the UK who managed to get hold of one today anyway.

The silicon Retro Cassette Cover for iPhone is currently available for 3G and 3GS models only, and can only be bought on wholesale for six units or more, but we think it's an object of beauty. Let's face it, the iPod functionality of the phone is just one big mix tape anyway, so why not make it look like one.

It also comes with a plastic cassette-style case that, when flipped open, becomes a stand for your phone so that you can watch video easily. Brilliant.

File under "want on of those so much it hurts (a bit)".