We're not sure quite how Apple does it, but Cupertino Computers is the master when it comes to making big waves for product launches. Sure, people could have pre-ordered the iPhone 4 and had it delivered directly to them this morning, and sure, Apple is essentially asking people to shell out a minimum of £499 for a phone but that didn't stop the masses from congregating at the Apple Store Regent Street for an overnight vigil, for the second time in less than a month.

Unlike the iPad launch, there was a distinct lack of atmosphere though. Maybe it was the lack of giants in wedding clobber, or maybe it was because Stephen Fry was nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was because it dawned on people as they neared the front of the queue that they were going to have to fork out up to £599 for a phone. Whatever the reason, it just seemed, well, a bit naff compared to the iPad launch. Even the Apple Store staff didn't seem to whoop quite as loudly as they did a few weeks previous.

Still, there were some happy chaps (and chapesses) in the queue and coming out of the Store with Apple's new baby. And Pocket-lint was on hand to talk to them.

iphone 4 fanboys direct from the apple store image 4

Danny James, 16, Weybridge. Queuing since 9pm. Buying iPhone 16GB.

"I think it's expensive but it's worth it. It's just a good phone. It does everything better. I'm selling my 3GS to my sister for £250. I'm on a contract already so I'm just going to cut down my SIM or change to a micro".

iphone 4 fanboys direct from the apple store image 6

Andras Verbenyi, 32, Frankfurt. 9pm. 2 x 32GB.

"I've just come over to London to get the iPhone 4. I took the train and I was here yesterday and I'm getting the train back at 4pm. I bought two - one for my friend. To be honest, I think it is the best phone on the market and it is really worth the price. In Germany it is much more money. It's actually cheaper to get it here in London unlocked".

iphone 4 fanboys direct from the apple store image 3

Andrew Milne, 22, Wimbledon. 5am. 16GB

"I've always loved the iPhones and I've had the old one for 2 years so I need an upgrade. I always heard that it would be a lively queue, but it's been a bit disappointing".

iphone 4 fanboys direct from the apple store image 5

Emma Levett, 24, Kent. 6am. 16GB

"I've had the 3G but I missed out on all the fun with the 3GS but now I'm finally going to upgrade. I'm going to be on a £50 a month contract. My boss is getting one and all I'll hear is about his so I figured it was about time I could rub his nose in something".

iphone 4 fanboys direct from the apple store image 10

Sharon Marsh-Wyly, 32, Texas. 6am. 32GB

"I'm looking forward to longer battery life because I don't get a chance to get back to the office much during the day and my 3GS is drained within 5 hours or so. I'm also looking forward to multi-tasking. I still have 12 months to go with O2 and when I calculated what I'd be paying for the buy out and then purchase the phone, the plan and the minutes it was just easier to buy the phone outright".