Queuing has already started outside the Regent Street Apple Store in anticipation of the iPhone 4 arriving on Thursday 23 June. Pocket-lint was on hand to catch a few pics and have a quick chat with the first in line.

Alex Lee, 27, from Canada (but lives in Dubai) started queuing at midnight and has flown over especially for the launch and will be the first lucky punter through the doors when Apple's new device goes on sale.

With a sign saying "tweet with me @AlexGlee" the Apple fan obviously hopes to build up a bit of a following on Twitter. Amusingly, looking at his Twitter feed, we see a tweet saying "crazy guy on regent street harassing us in front of apple store", perhaps referring to our very on reporter-on-the-spot Paul Lamkin.

Alex Lee told us that he "was really looking for an iPhone that was unlocked" and that he was interesting in using Face Time. Mr Lee also revealed that this wasn't his first queue and that he had queued for the iPhone 3GS back in Canada. He joined this queue just before midnight. 

iphone 4 queues start early as pocket lint talks to first in line image 2

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone, or are you planning on queuing? Let us know in the comments below.