So, you've considered the packages put together by Orange, O2 and Vodafone. Or maybe you ordered your iPhone 4 direct from Apple. Whatever your circumstance, you'll be wanting to keep your precious new handset safe and looking at its best. And that will be even easier now following the announcement of these iPhone 4 accessories from Griffin.

First up is the Elan Passport Wallet:

Now, if Del-boy had an iPhone, he'd definitely get one of these iPhone wallets. It's a folio case with swish polished chrome assets and a microsuede lining to stop your handset getting scratched or scuffed. In it, you'll be able to keep not only your iPhone 4, but also business cards, your credit cards and a bit of wonga. It's available in black or platinum. Lovely jubbly.

Next is the Griffin Reveal:

This polycarbonate, wafer-thin, hard shell case is a one piece case that will protect your phone from bumps and scratches without making your device too bulky.

Finally we've got the Privacy Screen Care Kit:

This two-way static peel screen protector will stop nosey buggers from looking at your phone when you're on the train, or the bus, by focusing the viewing angle for just yourself. Perfect if you want to look at some inappropriate, shocking material in public. Like the Daily Mail website.

All of these accessories are out in July - the Elan Passport Wallet will be £29.99, the Reveal £19.99 and the Privacy £14.99.