Apple never really goes into too much detail during its keynote launches when it comes to hardware specifics. It is much more concerned with making the crowd go "ooh" and "aah" by showing off its slick products in action.

You may have noticed that during Steve Jobs' iPhone 4 launch that he failed to mention what speed the A4 processor would be clocking in at, or how much RAM was on board. Well, we now know the RAM specifics at least - 512MB, which is double that of the iPad and the iPhone 3GS.

When we told you about the Vietnamese website that had got hold of an iPhone 4 back at the start of May, the suggestion was that there was only 256MB of RAM, but it must have nabbed itself an earlier prototype.

512MB of RAM means that the iPhone 4 should handle multitasking seamlessly and it probably clears up any confusion as to why the iMovie app will only work with the latest iPhone and not the 3GS. 

Now we just need to know how fast that A4 chip is going to be. In the iPad it's a whizzy 1GHz but with battery life at a premium for phone devices, chances are it may be under-clocked a tad to save a bit of juice. After all, it's got double the RAM of the iPad to play with anyway.