While the iPhone 4 unveiling brought many sumptuous promises and tantalising titbits of tech, there was one thing that we expected on Pocket-lint, but failed to materialise. And it took the sheen off the announcement a bit.

Although the new handset will be able to multitask (ahem), have two cameras, sport faster processing, noise cancelling, and utilise a natty gyroscope, it'll still be restricted to 32GB maximum storage. That wouldn't even hold all of our pictures nowadays.

Maybe that'll be the major new addition to iPhone 5. Certainly, the solid state memory is available and, thanks to Toshiba, will be designed specifically for fitting into smartphones.

According to Akiharbara News, the Japanese company is to put its 128GB NAND flash memory - the largest available - onto the market as of September 2010.

Dubbed the catchy title of THGBM2T0DBFBAIF, its 128GB memory combines 16 64Gbit (4GB) NAND chips using 32nm process technology, and integrates a dedicated controller. Plus, because it has managed to cram the lot into a small form factor (17 × 22 x 1.4mm), it's ideal for portable devices.

So Apple, next time - for iPhone 5 - give us more memory. We won't be accepting any excuses.