Apple is very clever at turning water into wine. Instead of dwelling on the fact that not only its own online store, but that of US network provider AT&T collapsed under the strain of iPhone 4 hunters, it has instead chosen to release a statement highlighting just how successful the pre-order launch has been.

Mind you, it has a pretty valid point. An incredible 600,000 pre-orders in total. Some reports suggest this is as many as ten times the amount of 3GS pre-orders.

Here's the press release in full:

Yesterday Apple and its carrier partners took pre-orders for more than 600,000 of Apple’s new iPhone 4. It was the largest number of pre-orders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions. Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties, and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock.

iPhone 4 fever has certainly taken hold. Have you caught the bug?