Apple has announced that it is now accepting apps that have been updated to work on the new iPhone 4 OS (iOS 4) into the App Store, so it can be ready for the 21 June release date.

All app developers hoping to offer multitasking will have to resubmit their apps to Apple for approval to take advantage of the new features of the new operating system for the Apple phone.

The news is likely to be welcomed by developers. Many we spoke to believed that they weren't able to submit their app to the App Store until the actual release date - 21 June with many expecting massive delays.

It also means that Apple should now, as long as developers enable and then submit them, have a handful of apps that can take advantage of the multitasking features introduced from day 1.

TomTom has already confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will be resubmitting its car navigation app to take advantage of multitasking. 

Of the 200,000 apps available in the App Store, so far only a few have confirmed they will be enabling multitasking, something that many consumers aren't aware of.

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