Much of the hype around the iPhone 4G, pre-WWDC, has been fan-created. Pictures of mock-ups, surreptitious glances at ill begotten prototypes, and speculative scribblings about camera placements have helped fan the flames of 4G fever.

But it is a swathe of video clips that have truly spoon fed the rantings of Apple fanboys and irate haters alike, and we couldn't say goodbye to the months of rumour and gossip without a final doff of the cap to the clips that we've been ogling over like fervent TV researchers.

So, for good or bad, here's the five best vids that have featured the iPhone 4G. In no particular order:

To cash in on 4G hype quite shamefully, the creators of the Make Coffee iPhone app have animated a next generation iPhone, based on the numerous prototypes leaked around the world. It's not as good as other renders we've seen, but it does look like a professional advert. And, regardless of whether the phone itself ends up looking like this, at least the app is real.

Gizmodo's $5000 acquisition

Yep, this is what started the whole ball rolling; it's THAT leaked iPhone 4G. Found in a bar, sold on to Gizmodo, returned to Apple, instigator of lawsuit, it's probably the most versatile mobile phone ever made.

Vietnamese leak

It wasn't, perhaps, the iPhone 4G itself that got the most attention from the tech world after this video was leaked, but the freakish spindly fingers of the "hands-on" star. They are quite extraordinary. Really.

iPhone 4.0 OS demoed

So much has been made of the exterior of the 4G iPhone that little attention has been made of the OS. Of course 4.0 is already public knowledge, and some reviewers have been able to play around with a beta test version for a while now. This is the best demo we've found.

Transforming iPhone 4G

Oh how we wish this one was true...

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