Firefox is finally limping onto the iPhone, by way of its Firefox Home app that is more of a backup to your desktop Firefox than an actual browser. Confused? Well, don't be as it's all very simple.

Firefox Home is an app that will allow you to access your Firefox history, bookmarks and recently used tabs on your iPhone. There will also be access to Firefox's awesome bar that will help you find exactly what you're looking for. Although not technically a browser, you can still access web pages from within the app, as you do with Twitter apps and the Facebook app at present.

Although it's a shame that we're not likely to see an actual Firefox browser on the iPhone anytime soon (Firefox depends on its own rendering engine and a JavaScript interpreter and the iPhone SDK agreement states that browsers on the iPhone must use Apple's own JavaScript engine) the Firefox Home app will be incredibly useful for Firefox users.

For example, you may have left the house without writing down the address details of a bar that you're meeting your pals at, and worse than that, you can't even remember the name of the bar. But you know you looked it up earlier that day on your Firefox desktop browser, so you'll be able to find it easily.

It's not all about meeting up to get drunk, that was just a concrete example. There will be loads of uses for this app. We're not encouraging binge drinking. Drink responsibly.

Firefox has submitted to Apple for consideration so expect to see it in the App Store soon. It won't cost a penny.