Sam Mendes, the British director of huge Hollywood blockbusters like American Beauty and Jarhead, has been outed as the director of Apple's new iPhone ad campaign by an Apple insider to Engadget.

Rumours had suggested that this was the case earlier in the day after an aspiring American actress had tweeted:

sam mendes to shoot next gen iphone ads image 2

Engadget has now had the rumour confirmed to them by its Apple source who also told the American publication that at Apple HQ in Cupertino the next gen iPhone is being referred to as either the N90 or the Mammoth.

Imagine it. The iPhone Mammoth. It's only a codename so it will probably never see the light of day, but it would be pretty awesome if Apple did decide to go with it as a product name.

The commercials are set to feature a segment where a mother and daughter speak to each other via a video call using the front facing camera that the device is set to include.

Mendes follows in the footsteps of legendary Brit director Ridley Scott, who directed the classic Apple Macintosh 1984 advert: