Shortly after pictures of the white casing for the iPhone 4G turned up, Italian website iSpazio created several renders of what it, and a range of colourful alternatives, might look like.

However, while it makes sense that Apple will offer a white alternative to the black leaked handset, it is less likely that the company will opt to follow its fun and funky nano route, no matter how cool they look. It seems a touch off-brand to us.

Instead, we fully expect the company to stick to basic iPhone colours, and maybe even just black. After all, once you've seen this 3D-rendered in-browser demo, why would you want any other colour. Damn that's sexy!

iphone 4g renders add dash of colour image 7

Anyhow, pics and animations aside, we're all likely to know what the iPhone HD will look like for sure on 7 June at WWDC 2010. If it's not unveiled then, we'll eat multiple hats. In the shape of iPhones. Black, of course.