Here's some shots that have surfaced which claim to be the rear shell design for the forthcoming revamp of the iPhone. They show an Aluminium unibody design, and look rather iPad-y. We'll let you decide what to think, but we're suspicious, simply because those edges look a little on the sharp side - it'd be quite a departure from current designs.

is this the back of the next iphone  image 2

On the back, there's text saying iPhone, 64GB and then the usual "Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China". The next line's too small to see. Image metadata shows that they've been through Photoshop CS4, which adds fuel to the "fake" fire, though they might have just been resized.

is this the back of the next iphone  image 3

What do you reckon, credible or certain fake?

Update: We were right. They're fake.