iPhone 3G users won't be getting multitasking capabilities when the new iPhone 4.0 update launches in the summer according to Apple.

"They will not support multitasking, the hardware just can’t do it”, said Jobs at the company's Town Hall event in Cupertino to launch the new features.

Apple has confirmed that the 1st and 2nd generation iPod touch MP3 players won't be getting the new multi-tasking features either, however did confirm that the four early devices (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch, and iPod touch 2nd gen) would be getting the rest of the new features debuted on Thursday.

However the news isn't likely to bother early Apple 3G owners, who come July 2010 will have had the phone for 2 years and be ready for an upgrade from either AT&T in the US or O2 in the UK. 

Jobs outlined seven major new elements to the OS that brings with it new mail support, a social gaming platform, an Apple powered ad platform and folders to help people organise their apps.

The new OS is expected to be released sometime over the summer, the same time many expect Apple to launch a new update to its iPhone.