Just because the iPad is out in the US on Saturday, doesn't mean that iPhone 4.0 rumours have to lay low. The latest rumour to come out of the rumour pot confirms many of the previous rumours suggesting that the next version of the iPhone operating system will offer multi-tasking.

Apple's iPhone 4.0 is to support multitasking via an Expose-like interface according to Appleinsider, that will allow users to run multiple apps at the same time.

Presumably working in a similar way to HTC's Sense Leap offering announced at Mobile World Congress, users will be able to reveal what apps they have running and then automatically jump to one from the same screen.

Supposedly hitting the Home button twice "will trigger an expose-like interface that brings up a series of icons representing the currently running apps, allowing users to quickly select the one they want to switch to directly".

Two other features seen in pre-release builds of iPhone 4.0 are a global mailbox view and the ability to add individual contacts to the iPhone's home screen claims the site.