Apple has started selling the iPhone in the US without the need to show a proof of an AT&T contract.

Although the Apple iPhone has been available to buy from Apple without signing up a new contract, you've always had to have proof that you have an AT&T number to do it.

That restriction, in what many believe is a precursor to the launch of a new model some time over the summer, has now been removed meaning Apple fans keen to buy an iPhone without signing up to a 2- year AT&T contract can do so.

"Apple's new policy is that anyone can walk into an Apple Store and pick up an iPhone 8GB for $499, 16GB for $599 and 32GB for $699. They will allow one unit per customer per day up to 10 iPhones." Reports 9to5mac.

It's worth bearing in mind however, that users will still have to either run the phone on AT&T or jailbreak it to run on T-Mobile once they get it home, and that's after paying the heavy price of an unsubsidised handset in the first place.

Image via gizmodo