We're hearing word that Apple is enacting a policy in both its physical and online stores that will see any kind of screen protecting product for the iPhone, iMac, or iPod removed.

That includes any kind of protective film or case that includes a protective film, whether it's for anti-glare, protective, mirrored or just decorative use.

It's an odd move from the company, which no doubt makes considerable piles of dosh from consumers' desire to give their screens some extra protection. One seller of such products speculated that it may be a marketing move from Apple, to try and prove that its screens can stand up to the rigours of whatever you keep in your pocket.

It'll no doubt irritate companies who have sunk development money, time and effort into producing "Made For iPod" and "Made For iPhone" screen protectors. Apple has as yet refused to comment or confirm the move, but if the company makes a statement on the subject, we'll update this post.