A company called Breffo has invented a product called the Spiderpodium, which looks to do for the world of iPods and iPhones what the Gorillapod has done for the world of digital cameras.

It's essentially a stand for your Apple device, with eight arms that can fold around your device or around anything else. The company suggests clipping it to your bike handle, or the vents in your car, or even around a car seat, so that it lets you view your gadget more easily, even if you don't have a proper dock.

It's not available yet, but it's up for pre-order from Breffo's website for £15. It's made of rubber, steel and plastic, and comes in white only. It's expected to be on sale from 29 March 2010, but if you don't want to shell out yet then you can enter your email address and the company will ping you when it's ready.