We are still wondering how hard we should laugh since "supposed" spy shots of the yet unannounced iPhone 4G have turned up on umpcfever.com.

Taken, by the looks of things, in some shady, dirty, dark factory (real faux Hollywood studio that was used for the SAW movies) we can't help feeling that they've put so much effort into the fakes that they deserve some kind of soap box to have their say.

Specs? Don't be silly, there aren't any, but that hasn't stopped a full unboxing, complete with uncharacteristic metal stand (that actually looks like a plate stand your parents or grandparents probably have) and one of the models sporting a yellow case. Yellow?

If the pictures are real, then you can expect the next iPhone to be flatter, come in a multitude of colours and feature a more iPad style homepage with what looks to be a multi-tasking bar.

Bonkers or on the money? What do you think?