Pioneer pins the development of its new in-car digital media receivers, the MVH-8200 and MVH-8200BT, on consumers' demand for "digital connectivity, integrated communication and an improved in-car listening experience".

The new car stereos dump the CD format in favour of USB, an SD card slot with music and video playback capability, iPod/iPhone hook-up and Bluetooth.

The MVH-P8200 and MVH-P8200BT are single DIN receivers that come with 3-inch screens for the digital interface and for playback of video files as well as on-screen access to all the playlists, album art, videos and more from the connected iPod or iPhone.

The units offer playback of MP3, WMA and iTunes AAC music files via USB and SD memory card while the integrated Bluetooth and mic on the P8200BT means it can be used for hands-free phone calls.

The Pioneer MVH-P8200 and MVH-P8200BT will be available in the UK from mid February 2010, but we've no data on pricing just yet.