Following the confirmation of a late January Apple media event and a plethora of reports on the topic, it seems increasingly likely that Apple is about to unveil a tablet-esque device.

While speculating on spec is pretty fruitless - Apple's secrecy surrounding new products means it's unlikely anything true will leak out - or at least not until the very last minute to really up the ante on the hype, we can speculate on what Apple would name such a device.

The Apple blogs and sites are in a frenzy doing just that, so we've had a look around to see what the suggestions are, come up with our own, and pulled together a brief list of potential tablet names. Have a read and please do let us know your favourites or new suggestions in the comments box below.

Until recently, iTablet has been the common name used to refer to the mythical device but we think it's unlikely to be the final name. Tablet has not only medical, but PC connotations with the touchscreen laptop form factor known as tablet PCs. Plus, if the device launches with an iPhone OS, it's highly unlikely it will be called Mac anything.

Apple bought back in 2007 which means there is confirmed interest in the term from Apple. However, this was the year that it was forced to fork over a rumoured $1 million for, so the purchase may have stemmed from this sting. HP and Microsoft made much of the "Slate" tablet at CES, so it's perhaps unlikely Apple will want to name its new device after something with such big Windows/PC connotations, or, conversely maybe it will in a bid to grab the word and make it Apple-flavoured.

iPad, only recently revealed as in the offing, works really nicely with iPod due to the fact it sounds similar, it's also short and catchy and describes the light computing functionality a tablet could offer, especially one running the iPhone OS. However, it also sounds like a feminine hygiene product, which oh-so-savvy Apple might well chose to avoid.

Nintendo offers an "XL" version of the DS, so if the tablet is to run the iPhone OS, and indeed be a larger version of the phone, then why not call it like it is? If the tablet is more at the 7-inches end of the scale, rather than the 11-inches also talked up, this could be a viable name, with the iPhone XL slotting in the range above the 3GS.

Some users already called the iPod touch the iTouch, so this name could lead to confusion. MacBook touch or Mac touch would follow the iPod touch naming convention but does seem a little clumsy when Apple could take the opportunity to create all-new branding for a new device.

We jest, of course, but that's just how all the iTablet talk got started with news way back in 2007 that Apple was planning on reincarnating its MessagePad line. It would certainly appeal to the long-term, die-hard Apple fan boys...