A image has surfaced on a French website of an artist's rendering of what the iPhone 4G could look like. It's from an agency called Designed By Item, and is clearly not any more than a flight of fantasy, but the French site has plotted the rumours for the forthcoming handset alongside, along with a guess at their probabilities.

Among the features with a high probability are an OLED display, 5-megapixel camera and the fact it'll be available between May and July (which is almost a given, but you can never be sure with Apple). Less likely, but possible, are a touch-sensitive case and processor upgrade, and rounding up the 'unlikely' list are a unibody case, removable battery and glowing Apple logo on the back.

We'd love to hear your wildest dreams for the handset, as well as your more realistic predictions about what the next phone from Cupertino will include. See that comments box below? Use it.