Tablets may be all the rage right now but, despite HP's announcement at CES, it's the Apple iSlate that the world has its eyes on, and word is that Intel will not be involved at all.

Conversations with Apple's design manufacture partners has indicated to one leading analyst that there's no place for an Atom CPU - quite staggering considering Intel's grip on the netbook market.

Instead Apple appears to have opted for a processor designed by a company bought by the Cupertino giant 2 years ago called P A Semi. Many expect the March mooted iSlate to be typically different and probably ahead of the rest. Going with an alternative CPU at its core would be a good place to start.

At the same time, Apple has opted for a Qualcomm chip for the US Verizon network's version of the fourth generation iPhone. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's the same CPU we'll be seeing in the UK but, with Qualcomm a popular choice in a growing number of smartphones over here, few would bet against it.