The next generation model of the iPhone is to offer a 5-megapixel camera, if reports from Taiwanese "industry sources" are to be believed.

DigiTimes has it that OmniVision Technologies is due to see CMOS image sensor orders for Apple's iPhone change from the current 3.2-megapixel sensors to 5-megapixel models, with the order described as "secured".

Similar reports came in from DigiTimes before the iPhone's camera got an upgrade from 2-megapixels to the current model, suggesting this latest rumour may be on the money.

In addition, the report reveals that Apple is to increase orders from the 20 to 21 million units this year, to 40 to 45 million units next year, with the next iPhone model slated to hit shelves "sometime during the second half of 2010".

This timescale fits with news from the Moscone Center that hints strongly that Apple's WWDC event, traditionally the launch pad for the iPhone, is to take place from late June to early July 2010.