Aren't you the lucky new owner of a shiny iPhone? Congrats, but with over 100,000 apps to choose from, what should be the first batch of apps that you download? Of course this will vary massively on what sort of person you are and what gadgets you've got in your house. After all, downloading an app that lets you control an Apple TV is going to be pointless if you don't own an Apple TV.

With that in mind, here are five must-have apps for the iPhone.

Chances are that if you use the Internet at all, you use something that Google runs. Here, the Google Mobile phone app gives you access to your Gmail, calendar, Google Docs, Reader, Earth, Latitude and a host of other Google services. The latest update offers you improved search functionality, and voice search to boot - so you can bark your search commands at your phone. Yes you could access all the above via their dedicated web pages, but this makes it so much easier.

Price: Free

If you're into Twitter, and come on - who isn't - then you'll want to get a Twitter client on your iPhone so you can check what's happening in the "Twitterverse". While there are many contenders, for us Tweetie 2 is the best. It's got support for all your favourite twitter features, has the ability to run multiple accounts and can even translate foreign tweets that you don't understand.

Price: £2.99

Yep, another social networking site, but this app makes Facebook so much easier to follow and use. The Facebook app lets you check your news feeds, access your photos, see what's happening with your friends, check events and live chat with other Facebookers online at the same time. Frustratingly you can't get it to notify you of updates as they happen, but then the social butterfly that we're sure you are, you'll only get annoyed with all those interruptions.

Price: Free

Want to know what that track is that's playing in the club you are in? No problem. What about that tune on the radio? It can do that too. All you have to do is download Shazam, press the button, hold up your phone and let the app do the rest. It will then check the database, work out the song and let you know - with a link to buy the track from all the major MP3 download stores. You get five tracks a month for the free version while a version with unlimited requests will cost you £1.79

Price: Free - £1.79

The camera on the iPhone isn't the greatest around, but that doesn't mean there isn't an app that won't help you out. One of the best options is the Adobe Photoshop offering that will give you editing basics like crop, rotate and flip, as well as colour and image enhancing options - all at the press of a button. You also get access to with 2GB of storage thrown into the mix.

Price: Free

What are your favourite apps? Share them in the comments section below.